Bi Folding Doors Crawley

Bi Folding Doors Crawley

Are you looking for a company that specialises in Bi folding doors in Crawley.

PS home improvements Bi Folding Doors has been serving the people of Crawley for many years and have a great reputation in supplying and fitting Bi folding doors Crawley.

PS home improvements Bi folding Doors Crawley Fitting Service

Professional installation including a 10 year insurance backed guarantee.We offer a full installation service for our complete range of folding sliding doors throughout Crawley and surrounding areas.

Supply only or supply and fit?

For any folding sliding door to work properly it is vital that it is installed correctly and most importantly the double glazing must be packed or ‘toe and heeled' in the apertures to ensure the door panels fold and slide effortlessly as they are designed to do.

Installing these types of doors does not appeal to every builder as it can be a time consuming job for them especially if they have to re-visit to correct a traffic door that has dropped or a door that won't close correctly. From our experience problems such as these are due to a poor initial installation of the door which can lead to completely removing the door and starting the installation process again.

A professional installation solution for your peace of mind.

Our installation service ensures a correct installation as your door will be surveyed and fitted by one of our bi folding doors Crawley installers who are fully experienced in installing folding sliding doors. Their knowledge and experience with this type of product ensures a fast and efficient installation of your new bi folding door with the minimum of fuss and disruption to your home.

Using our fitting service also means that in the unlikely event of any need for a service call you will only need one point of contact instead of having to try to locate the third party that installed the door for you originally and persuade them to return to correct any operating problems you may have.

For our Bi Folding Doors Crawley Service please call 01293 406 999.